Why following Jesus made me an anarchist

Well, a perpetually backslidden anarchist anyway (thanks Manu for that phrase).

Hi, here’s some essays I wrote recently for a religious studies course on ‘Jesus, the Gospels and the Coming of God’.  They represent some of my first sustained attempts to explain the non-violent/anarchical understanding of Christianity that’s been brewing in my brain for the last four years or so (well, unless you include facebook arguments, which i suppose got me ready for these essays – thanks Quentin, Levi et al… i dedicate these to you).

The first is about a passage in Mark’s gospel where two of his disciples want to be kings of the castle. I manage to work in a Catcher in the Rye quote.

The second is my answer to the question, ‘Was Jesus a pacifist? How has Jesus’ teaching on non-violence been assessed in Christian interpretation?’ I basically say – Yes he was non-violent, but No he wasn’t passive, he was a revolutionary non-violent anarchist, and the reason we Christians often don’t follow in his footsteps is because before we start reading the bible we’ve already been hoodwinked into worshipping the powers that killed Jesus.

I’m particularly happy with the second one, but i probably won’t get a very good mark because it’s triple the word limit (quadruple if you include footnotes … Oops).

here they are.

1. The way of Jesus and the ways of the world: Mark 10:35-45

2. Was Jesus a pacifist?

Comments welcome.


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3 responses to “Why following Jesus made me an anarchist

  • Duncan

    Hi Caleb.

    Thanks for posting these essays. Ive really enjoyed reading them. Theres a line in your “was jesus a pacifist” essay that sums it up perfectly for me.

    “The existence of enmity and persecution is not denied, but the enemy-lover does not allow the persecutor to set the terms of exchange. By choosing to love regardless, she is able to break free from the never-ending cycle of retaliation.”

    Keep up the writing bro. There’s some amazing idea in there.


  • calebmorgan

    Thanks Duncan, I appreciate that.

  • Two short articles on Christian non-violence « calebmorgan

    […] Here it is … or should I say, here they are, because I actually did two articles in the end, a short one and an even shorter one.  They aren’t referenced, so if you want me to actually back up my claims I recommend you read this 15-times-as-long version of essentially the same topic. […]

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